Grounding: The little-known Healing Method That Changed My Life

by Sahil Bains, Grounded Wellness Shop, June 29 2023

Confession Time…

My doctor told me I'll never be able to fall sleep without medication again.

I constantly used to suffer from sleeplessness for years. Head to bed everynight extremely tired from working my shift, just to touch the matress and be wide awake again.

Tossing and turning questioning to my self "How am I so tired all the time, yet can never fall asleep?"

I was like a walking zombie, dragging myself through each day with the weight of stress and fatigue piling up over time.

Nothing Worked

My doctor had me try everything:

  1. Melatonin
  2. Sleep Protocols
  3. Muscle Relaxers
  4. Antideprresants

But all these left me either staring at my ceiling fan all night or have me exausted the entire day after waking up (especially those muscle relaxers)

Deep down I was scared… how am I going to go about the rest of my life constantly stressed out? constantly fatigued?

A 5-Minute Conversation with a Barista Changed Everything

One day, I was talking to a barista at my local coffee shop and I mentioned having trouble sleeping where then he revealed to me a little-known secret.

He told me how years ago he struggled with falling asleep aswell, and this began leading to a series of issues like chronic joint pain, depression, and anxiety for him.

While visiting physcisian he was recommended a odd healing method called Grounding (also known as Earthing) or simply walking barefoot on grass for 30 minutes every day. The barista at this shop was skeptical at first but desperate enough to try it.

So right before bed that night he walked around his backyard for 30 minutes barefoot. And just like that he was able to fall sound asleep, something he hadn't experienced in years!

In just 7 days he had:

  • Zero joint pain/inflammation
  • Stopped taking sleep medication
  • Halted his depression and anxiety for good

Grounding: the Free-Healing Method that’s Disrupting the $808 Billion Health Industry

Since I didn't have any grassy areas near where I stayed at the time, out of interest I decided to research the subject a bit more to see if it holds any merit.

After spending hours on online reading through plenty of articles on Google Scholar and Pubmed it was confirmed.

Over 40+ Peer Reviewed Studies Support the Health Benefits of Earthing! Yes you heard that right. Although the exact mechanism behind how Earthing heals you is still being researched, its is confirmed that walking barefoot on grass has been linked to reduced stress, pain, and over all well being!

Click here to see all of the Studies

How does it work?

The science behind it is simple, think of the human body as a battery. We have electricity running through us and over time, due to stress, environmental toxins, and inflammation, our battery can become overcharged.

This overcharge is like static electricity or free radicals, which can cause damage to our cells and contribute to fatigue, disease, and overall poor health.

Now, consider the Earth as a giant battery charger. When we walk barefoot on the grass, it's like plugging our body into this charger.

The Earth, with its negative electrical potential, serves as a good ground.

Just like a common electrical plug, when we connect with the Earth, excess charge can be discharged, eliminating the static electricity and free radicals bringing the body back to a neutral state.

Click images to see the results

This discharge of excess charge is what we refer to as grounding or earthing. The literature coming from many Universities, including University of California, shows how Earthing

  • Increased sleep quality by 70%
  • Reduced Chronic inflammation by 40%
  • Boosted Energy levels by 50%
  • Improved Circulation by 28%

When looking online I saw thousands of raving testimonials on social media talking about Earthing products which allowed them to them to gain the benefits of Earthing indoors

Reviews For Grounding Wristband: "Grounding In the Comfort of Your Home"

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How I Finally Freed Myself from the Viscious Cycle of Pain…

It was too cold for me to be walking around on grass outside when I discovered this so I ordered the Earthing Wristband online after reading the reviews

With this wristwrap, you simply strap it around your wrist, plug the chord into the wristwrap and connect the other end of the chord to the ground port in a wall outlet

Once it came in I tried it and left it attached to my wrist for the entire night. I couldn't believe what happen next…

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I couldnt believe how I was feeling after 2 weeks of wearing the Earthing wristband…

  • Day 1:
    The first night I fell asleep in 15 minutes and slept through the night for the first time in years. When I woke up, I felt refreshed and energized, like I hadn't felt in years. I had no grogginess or fatigue, and I was ready to start my day. I was so excited about the possibilities that I decided to keep wearing the bracelet for a few more days.
  • Day 2:
    My focus had improved durastically and I had more energy than I had in a long time. I was able to get through my work day without feeling tired or drained, and I was able to focus on my tasks without getting distracted. I was also feeling less stressed and more relaxed. I was starting to think that this wristband might be the real deal.
  • Day 7:
    I was sleeping even better than I had been on day 1. I was falling asleep quickly and sleeping soundly through the night, and I was waking up feeling refreshed and energized. My interactions were improved by a ton! I felt deeper connections with people and felt far less irritable than I was before I started using this Earthing Wristband
  • Day 14:
    I was feeling like a new person. I was sleeping better than I had in years, I had more energy, I was less stressed, and I was able to focus better at work. I was also socializing more easily and enjoying my life more. I was so happy that I had found the earthing bracelet. I didn't need sleep medication anymore. I was finally able to sleep well naturally.

My Final Thoughts on the Grounding Wristband

This Grounding Wristband can help you, no matter what the cause of your issues.

Seeing how much it has helped me and thousands of others (including my mom) trying Earthing is not something you want to risk missing out on.

Last time I checked there was limited stock left, so I'd check to see if they still have some available. If they do I'd definelty recommend buying a few wristbands at least! Especially if you want the benefits of sleeping on grass while in your very own bed.

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What are people saying about the Earthing Bracelet?

FREE Grounding Wristband: Claim Your Grounding Wristband for FREE Until July 8, 2023

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